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Gorillaz - Hong Kong chords

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Hong Kong Chords

Hong Kong - Gorillaz

G      A
Lord hear me now
Am                      G          
Junk boats and English boys
Cmaj7         A
Crashing out into the mouths
G                     A
Electric fences and guns

G      A
You swallow me
Am                    G
I'm a pill on your tongue
Cmaj7        A
Here on the nineteenth floor
G               A
The neon lights make me come

        C              Bm7         
        And late in a star's life
A              Cmaj7   
It begins to explode
        C                   Bm7         
        And all the people in a dream
        A           Cmaj7       
        Wait for the machine
        A                         Cmaj7       G
        Pick the shit up leave it clean

G        A
Kid hang over here
Am                     G
What you learning in school?
Cmaj7              A
Is the rise of an eastern sun
 G                   A
Gonna be good for everyone?

        C                 Bm7              
        The radio station disappears
        A                 Cmaj7          
        Music turned into thin air
         C                  Bm7            
        The DJ was the last to leave
         A            Cmaj7
        She had well conditioned hair,
         A                    Cmaj7           G
        was beautiful, but nothing really was there
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