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FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE:  Sun, 27 May 2001 5:36 p.m. GMT+1
ARTIST: Grand Funk Railroad
SONG: Are You Ready
ALBUM: On Time, 1969


		Are You Ready
		written by Mark Farner

Intro:  E  F#  G     4 times

Chords for Verses: just change between E and A

Are you ready
You can trust me all the way
Are you ready
Well then let me hear you say
That you're ready
And the world will know it's right
Yes, you're ready
And I know it's out of sight

E  F#  G    4 times

Solo over E  F#  G

E  F#  G    2 times


Now you're ready
Well, then what you're waiting for?
If you're ready
You just open up your door
Cause I'm ready
For ev'rything you've got
Yes I'm ready
Come and get it while it's hot

E  F#  G     4 times
then, for ending, do the changing E-A faster (?)

NOW! Finally! One more transcription (two with "Mr Limousine Driver")
of Grand Funk on the net, in addition to the "well known" 'Closer To
Home' or 'Bad Time'. Isn't it a bit few? I mean for a great band
like Grand Funk Railroad!

Corrections, questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome, just e-mail me!

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