Great Big Sea - Here And Now chords

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A fabulous song from "Fortune's Favour", which came out in 2008.

-Standard Tuning-

-No Capo-

Am: x02210
F:  133211
C:  x32010
G:  320033

[Verse 1]
    Am        F      C    G
The sun must set to rise,
    Am         F          C     G
The light will leave your eyes again,
     F                       C
Then breaking like morning's dawn,
     F                      G
Does summer feel the winter come.

[Verse 2]
The hardest part of life,
Is to live while you're alive my friend,
So sing an unwritten song,
Or repent for the deeds you left undone.

This is Here,
This is Now,
It's the moment that we live for,
       C               G
And we just can't live without,
         C           Am
It's all clear to me now,
We've already started dying,
        C               G
And our time is running out,
F      G
Ooh oh ooh,
F      G          C
Ooh oh ooh, right now.

[Verse 3]
Time is ours to steal,
She's a secret to reveal my friend,
And when your children have all grown,
You'll wait by the window,
And wish them all back home.


C                             F      G
Walk a little further off the beaten path,
          C                   F         G
And we'll drive on even if we get there last,
    C                                   F         G
Our backs against the wall, and we will lunge and bite,
          C                            F            G  
And we'll rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light ,

[Chorus] (x2)
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