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"The Mermaid" by Great Big Sea


When I was a lad in a fishing town
     G                     D
Me old man said to me:

"You can spend your life, your jolly life
       Bm               A
Just sailing on the sea.
You can search the world for pretty girls
            G                          F#m
Til your eyes are weak and dim,
      G                                 D            Bm
But don't go searching for a mermaid, son
          G               A        D
If you don't know how to swim"


G                                               D
'Cause her hair was green as seaweed
       G                         D
Her skin was blue and pale
       G                 D
Her face it was a work of art,
  G                           D
I loved that girl with all my heart
        G                   D       Bm
But I only liked the upper part
   G         A         D
I did not like the tail

Other verses and choruses are the same as above.
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