Green River - Waylon Jennings chords

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written by Harlan Howard
performed by Waylon Jennings
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo

E / / / 2 / / / 3 / / / 4 / /

Green River, I've come back to you
 Do you remember me
                E     F#                   B7
Do you remember Molly   with the soft blue eyes?
I left here with a lot of dreams
 None of them came true
                       B7              E
What I wanted was here waiting all the time

      B                        B7      E
Green River, did she come here   every evening
         B                      B7         E
Like the neighbors said she did so faithfully
      A                           E
Green River, has she gone away forever?
She just disappeared one day
As she gave up on me

Green River, if you see her
Won't you tell her I've returned?
                       E    F#                B7
All I brought her is myself   and this little ring
Please tell her that I love her
And my lesson I have learned
                      B7                  E
Green River, tell her please come back to me

You can also capo the 2nd fret if a B and B7 are too hard for you. Just play all the 
one full step higher.
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