Greensky Bluegrass - Handguns chords

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Greensky Bluegrass
Album: Handguns

Tabbed by Sethocaster
This ones pretty straight forward.  Only thing I’m not 100% about is a couple of the lyrics.
Capo 4

Am                 F            Am                G
Should have been a farmer       blamed it on the weather
      Dm              Am              F            G
With a tired back and soiled hands to show for my efforts
Am                F                Am                   G
Burned and        dry from          all of these    questions
Dm                            Am            F              G
What’s it worth,       does it last,      is this         wrong?

C                       G           Am
Handguns                Make less  mistakes
F                         C               G
 Without Love             feel it   in   vein
C                         G                Am
Handguns              we’ve borrowed    incase
F                             G             C
This works           We can’t pay    for    it

Intro/Verse chords  Repeat.   Thats the gist of it.
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