Greg Foresman - Strike Up The Band chords

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Strike Up the Band

Album: De Nada
The Greg Foresman Band

Chords by Is Smith israelgsmith[at]gmail[dot]com

[Intro: A A/C# D - A A/C# D - A A/C# D - E D (2X)]
[Verse 1]
A                   D
I remember when you caught my eye
About fell over nearly thought I'd die [A D]
For so long I've been prayin' for this [A D]
E                  D
Someone to show me love and sweet kisses

I remember trying to talk to you [A D]
My mouth froze up couldn't even chew [A D]
But you made it easy with the way you smiled [A D]
and the rest is history [E D]

A             A/C#   D
Strike up the band I feel like dancin'
Who would-a ever thought my chances [A A/C# D]
Would be to find a love like this one [A A/C# D]E                   D
You show me all the things I've been missin'

Break out the wine we got no sorrow [A A/C# D]Drinking like there's no tomorrow [A A/C# D
We gonna stop well I say never [A A/C# D]
We got a love that lasts forever [E D]
[intro chords: A A/C# D - A A/C# D - A A/C# D - E D]

[Verse 2]
I'm goin' down to old San Fran
My little girl she holds my hand
We walk the streets til the lights go out
I love you baby there ain't no doubt
There's something honey that you got to know
Tomorrow I'm leavin' got to tell you so
So raise your glass to the times we had
And the day I'll come back home


[Riff Chords: F#m A - F#m A - F#m A - E E]


[Outro: Intro chords 2X: A A/C# D - A A/C# D - A A/C# D - E D 
End on A]

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