Greg Laswell - Sweet Dream chords

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The song is fairly simple, you just have to move two fingers between strings.  I 
saw this on a video, and it works pretty darn well.  Hope you like :)

No capo.

Travis picked, or strummed, your choice.  In the recording it is travis picked.

Chords I use.
C - 032010
C/G - 320010
F - 003210

Same chord pattern throughout the song.

C                           C/G
If I could write out my own dream
C                         F
For the next time that I sleep
C                             C/G
You'd be the first one that I see
C                             F
And I the last one that you keep

The dream would go on and on
While we sway
Against all things thrown our way

And the morning would be so cruel
When it came
With sunshine and warmth to bring
For announcing the end of my sweet dream
For announcing the end of my sweet dream
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