Griffin House - Let Me In chords

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Let Me In by Griffin House
Capo 3
Verse and Chorus Chords:
      C    CM7sus2        Am7    Fadd9
       C        CM7sus2
She's out of my league
Am7              Fadd9
And that's the kind of girl I need
C           CM7sus2         Am7         Fadd9

         C     CM7sus2
I am the underdog
Am7     Fadd9
But I'm about to take the lead
C           CM7sus2         Am7         Fadd9

           C              CM7sus2
You ain’t gotta worry ‘bout the others
Am7             Fadd9
They could never turn my head
C           CM7sus2         Am7         Fadd9

C       CM7sus2         Am7             Fadd9
And every time I'm with another I wish it was you instead
C           CM7sus2         Am7         Fadd9

F                       G
I'm not trying to force it
               Em               F               
But I've got one thing on my mind
F                      G
I'm not going anywhere soon
         Em                         G
I'm on a mission baby I've got the time

Let me in, might as well be with you
Let me in, I know how to make you miss me

C           CM7sus2         Am7         Fadd9

I got what you need
No hesitation when I bring
I'm your man
It's a promise and a ring
I got a secret for you, if you promise not to tell
Sometimes you feel a little closer to heaven when you raise a little hell

F                       G
Make me give up on desire
    Em                             F            
You know how long I've waited around
       F                       G
You're only adding fuel to the fire
           Em                      G
I won't be leaving till I wear you out

Let me in, I have got your number
Let me in, we're not getting any younger

Bridge instrumental 1x:
F      G     Em     F
F      G     Em     G
You ain't got worry about the others
They could never be this real
And even if you’re with another you'll remember how I feel

Let me in, knock me out with just one touch
Let me in, I'm not asking for too much

I know how to make you miss me
You'll feel it when you kiss me

You'll feel it with me
You'll feel it with me
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