Griffin House - Dance With Me chords

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This is the way he plays it live, just look it up on youtube if you don't think 
it's right. You can play it pretty easily with no capo if you'd like, the chords 
will just be F, C, Dm, and Bb. Great song, enjoy!

Standard Tuning
Capo 5
Chords Used (Chords relative to capo)
    C   G   Am   F

C          G          Am       F
Oh, it is alright with me 
          C         G                Am           F
if you throw in the towel and let me sleep
C                 G  Am                 F
If you throw in heart, if you throw in your peace
C                 G            Am            F
Youre turning me on earning my keep

C           G
Dance with me
        Am       F
Make it hard to lead
C       G               Am       F
Dance with me and Ill believe

Same for rest of song
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