Grizzly Bear - Gun-shy chords

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Chords I use busking which are easily fiddled around with to give a pretty decent 
version of the song:

Bm            A             
The sky keeps staring at me

F#m     E
       Frozen in my tracks

F#m     E
       Nothing else to see...

(continue through verses)

in between the first two verses this little slidy progression occurs:

Bm (strum thrice) >>>> C#m (sturm thrice at double speed)

back to F#m,   E,  F#m,     E

CHORUS      (Hit the lowest note of each chord before sturmming it)

C#m            G#m

E              F#

All of the years....

E              F#

Leaving me here....

and repeat these 6 chords for the lenght of the chorus.

That's about it. Listen to the song to get an idea of the timing/ strumming 
patterns. Keep practicing and enjoy
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