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Gryphon - Round Round tab

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Artist:     Gryphon
Song:       Round & Round
Album:      Treason
Tabbed by:  Wiktor R. Kolowiecki



D/D4   G A Bb

D                              G
Am I just an old brush on your canvas
D                              G  F#m
Am I just a paper star in your sky
D                          G                        F#m
Shining and binding the pictures you paint in your mind
Around & around

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D                              G
Do you need a good reason for laughter
D                             G    F#m
Do you need a new shoulder to cry
D                         G
You're just a part of the music - let it flow
F         G#        F      A
Round and round and round

D               Bm
This is only my song
G   A
Oh, play it to me
D                          Bm
Nothing's right, nothing's wrong
G    A               B     G  A
Oh, just a southern song

Verse3: [just like the second verse]

If the world is out there- why not use it
Thinking that you have to turn it around
It's just a part of the music - let it go
Round and round and round


Verse4: [the same as the third one]

Do you happen to know all the answers
Do you always have fun asking why
We have to play the same music - well here we go
Round and round and round


                                          Lublin, Poland

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