Gugun Blues Shelter - Fight For Freedom chords

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Opening : D7

Intro : E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5 (2x)

Verse 1 :
          E5-E7           A5-A7         E5      A5
You can’t buy my voice.. oh no, I got a message
            E5-E7       A5-A7             E5      A5
You’re here on my land…oh yea, with your soldiers

Reff :
         C7        B7              E7             A7
You can see in my face I’m just a simple country boy,
       C7        B7              E7
I don’t mean no harm, don’t need this suffering.
C7             B7 E7                  A7
  You make me run, while you burn my house,
             C7              D7           E7
Is this the price I pay… to live another day?

Verse 2 :
          E5-E7     A5-A7               E5        A5
You keep my nation under, your political strategy.
         E5-E7     A5-A7              E5        A5
We must rise up, fight back… We got to be free.

Back to : Reff

Interlude : B7-E7
            C7 B7 E7 A7
            C7 B7 E7
            C7 B7 E7 A7
            C7 D7 E7

Verse 3 :
         E5-E7          A5-A7                  E5      A5
You’re trying to break my people with your oppression,
         E5-E7         A5-A7             E5      A5
But one day will come people… We’ll get freedom.

Back to : Reff(2x)

Outro : E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5 (4x)
        E5 A5 (3x)
        E5 B7-A#7-A7

THE END......
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