Gustav Holst - Oh God Beyond All Praising chords

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Capo 3: (G)

Bb  Eb    [ch]F7/C[/ch]     Bb/D
O - God beyond all praising,

   Eb          F Gm
We worship You today,

[ch]Dm/F[/ch] Eb      [ch]F7/C[/ch]  Bb/D
And sing the love amazing

Bb   Eb           Cb/Em  Bb
That songs cannot re-----pay;

Bb/D  F      Gm   F/A
For   we can only wonder

Bb/D              Eb
At every gift you send,

A/C  Gm        [ch]Bbmaj7/F[/ch]  Eb  Bb/D  Cm7
At   blessings with------out num---ber

Bb  [ch]Cm/Eb[/ch]   Cm [ch]Gm/Bb[/ch]  F/A
And mercies without   end:

[ch]Dm/A[/ch] Eb       [ch]F7/C[/ch]   Bb/D
We   lift our hearts before You

    Eb        F    Gm
And wait upon Your word,

[ch]Dm/F[/ch] Eb     [ch]F7/C[/ch] Bb/D  
We   honour and  adore You,

Bb  Eb             F7sus4  Bb
Our great and mighty       Lord.

Then hear, O gracious Saviour,
Accept the love we bring,
That we who know Your favour
May serve You as our King;
And whether our tomorrows
Be filled with good or ill,
We'll triumph through our sorrows
And rise to bless You still:
To marvel at Your beauty
And glory in Your ways,
And make a joyful duty
Our sacrifice of praise!
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