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Hall And Oates - Shes Gone tab

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 "She's Gone"
 Hall & Oates

 Intro:  A/B     B    (repeat many times)

 (A/B = x22222   B = x24442)


 A/B               B  

 A/B               B

 A/B               B
 My daddy..

     G#m7       C#m7         A/B
 ...Plain to see..

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        A     E/G#    F#m     A/B  
 She's gone..

 Bridge: (Instrumental part where the song keeps modulating)


 Bb/C   (x33333)

 B/C#   (x44444)

 C/D  (x55555)    D (x57775)

 Final Chorus: (Where Daryl really belts it out)

        C     G/B     Am     C/D
 She's gone..

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