Hannah Montana - If We Were A Movie chords

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"If We Were A Movie"

D  Em
Uh oh
G                  A
There you go again talking cinematic
D     Em
Yeah you!
G                 A
You're charming, got everybody star struck.
D   Em
I know
G                      A
How you always seem to go
For the obvious instead of me
But get a ticket and you'll see

D               Em
If we were a movie
G                  A
You'd be the right guy
D                 Em
And I'd be the best friend
G               A  
You'd fall in love with
D                 Em
In the end we'd be laughing
G            A
Watching the sunset
Fade to black
Show the names
         G           A
Play that happy song

(The same chords)

Yeah, yeah
When you call me
I can hear it in your voice
Oh sure!
Wanna see me
And tell me all about her
La la
I'll be acting through my tears
I guess you'll never know
That I should win
An Oscar for this scene I'm in


Em                                G
Wish I could tell you there's a twist
Some kind of hero in disguise
And we're together
It's for real
Now playing
Em                                G
Wish I could tell you there's a kiss
Like something more than in my mind
I see it
Could be amazing

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