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Harper Ben - Glory & Consequence tab

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e: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 20:22:52 +1200
From: Jim and Sheryll Keane 
Subject: TAB: h/harper_ben/

Ben Harper's Glory and Consequence from The Will to Live

This song is tabbed out for a guiter tuned to E (EADGBe),
but Ben tunes his guitars down to D(DGCFAd) and then plays this
tune a tone higher, i.e A, but you can still play along 
as if the tune was in G.

Riff 1
    F                      C			G

This is both the intro riff and the chorus riff, and the chord
structure also does for the solo.

the verse riff goes like this
     C		     F	      G

there are two guitars playing at this point, with the acoustic playing
the above riff, and an electric just playing the chords.

C          F         G    C       F            G
i'm more afraid of living than i am scared to die
C          F         G    C       F            G   
im more afraid of falling than i am of flying high

F       C          G    F           C          G
every moral has a story and every story has an end
F       C             G    F        C     G
every battle has its glory and its consequence

(repeat the above pattern)
im more afraid of loving than i am of being scorned
but i will keep on trying though i have been forewarned

every moral has a story and every story has an end
every battle has its glory and its consequence

i would rather be lonely and you have someone to hold
im not as scared of dying as i am of growing old

every moral has a story and every story has an end
every battle has its glory and its consequence

Maybe ill get around to tabbing the solo a bit later. till then
Martin, Auckland New Zealand
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