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Harry Nilsson - My Girl tab

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My Girl

Intro:  E  D   E  G

E					       D
Iíve been hearing all kinds of stories since youíve been gone
E          					     D
Everybody tells me youíve been running around and (?) on

I wonít believe it till I hear it from you
When I went away you said youíd be true
 	    A7          	       D         E  D   E  G
But if you (?) hereís what Iím gonna do-o-o-o-o

E			               D
Iím gonna break the back of every guy you had a date with
E					         D
When I get through theyíre gonna be sorry they played with
G        F
My girl, ohuhohoh, my girl

I wonít believe it...

Iím gonna get you back with me where you belong
Iím gonna give you twice the love from now on
Cause youíre my girl, ohuhohoh, my girl

by: Josť Duarte
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