Hawkwind - The Demented Man chords

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The Demented Man
The questions asked but never known
     Am                             D
The feeling governs which way Iíll go 
Endless circles on my mind
  Am                                D
spiralling a downward climb, which way I'll go.
The thoughts are there for you to find
 Am                                D 
but you never know which way I'll go

        F                  Em                          
Those flashing lights are warning me
    F                    Em
But ever bidding voices see
        F                 Em
You're caught in a web of emptiness
     F              Em 
The tales told the path you tread
 F              Em     
Does it lead into your head?
    F                 Am
Or back to a world of emptiness?

Smiling faces watching me
 Am                                     D 
Helping hands just wait and see, which way I'll go
White walls stretching in the sun
 Am                             D  
Was it that here I began which way I'll go
Faintly voices plead with me
Am                            D
ever asking, ever see, which way I'll go. 

This tab is not my own work and is made by the talented folks at starfarer.net and 
is from their collection of tabs! I am simply transferring it here for simplicities sake.
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