Hawkwind - Paradox chords

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The story that I'm telling you
Something that you can do
D                                Em
Ask yourself and try to find the answer

See the signs they're always there
But you know you never care
       D                           Em
You're always looking for another reason

Try to reach it's not too far
See it as you really are
D                                 Em
Ask yourself, to try and find the answer

A   B   A   B  D    B   A    B    
Always, always it's the same thing
A   B   A   B   D   B    A     B
Try it, try it, you just can't win
A   B    A   B   D    B   A   B
Circles, circles spinning round
A   B   A   B   D  B  A     B
People, people always bring you
A   B    A   B  D    B   A    B     Em
Down and down   Round and round you go 

This tab is not my own work and is made by the talented folks at starfarer.net and 
is from their collection of tabs! I am simply transferring it here for simplicities sake.
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