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Hawkwind - Motorhead chords

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 E                             D E
Sunrise wrong side of another day
  E                             D E
Sky-high and six thousand miles away
 E                            D E
Don't know how long I've been awake
Wound up in an amazing state
 C     B    A
Can't get enough
C                  A
and you know it's righteous stuff
 C                        B
Goes up like prices at Christmas
 E           A 
Motorhead - you can call me
 E                 B
Motorhead, that's right

  E                  D E
Brained out total amnesia
 E                     D E
Get some mental anaesthesia
 E                                       D E
Don't move, don't know if I'm still all ri-ight
   E                           D E
If I can be wrong, I can't be ri-ight
C          B    A
All good clean fun
 C             A
Have another stick of gum 
 C                      B
Man, you look better already
 E             A 
Motorhead - remember me now
 E              B
Motorhead, all right 

 E                         D E
Fourth day, five day marathon
 E                             D E
We're moving like a parallelogram
E                             D E
It's cold, see you all on the ice
 E                                           D E
Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights
C         B  A
I should be tired
C         A 
and all I am is wired
C                            B
ain't felt this good for an hour
 E            A 
Motorhead, remember me now
 E              B
Motorhead, all night 

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is from their collection of tabs! I am simply transferring it here for simplicities sake.
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