Hilera - Murder chords

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			   Murder - Hilera
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Tuning :Standard

Intro: C

If I could stay awake

 Fm        C
I'll never sleep

 Fm           C
I'll never dream

 Dm           G7
Sleep is for dreamers

And that ain't me

Have you heard the news today

 Fm        C
It made me cry

 Fm          C
I don't know why

    Dm                  G7
Coz sometimes they all lie

To survive

 Fm     G     C      Am
That why they murder, murder

 Bbm             G         C           Am  
COz they got nothing left to offer, it's over

 Dm      G   C   Am Dm G C    
And we all die, and we all die

 Fm         G7
Murder, murder

(Do Verse Chords)
If I should fall from grace
I won't be here
I won't stay here
Coz this town ain't for me
And that's no lie
If only I could stay awake
And be made of clay
That would be the day
When justice ain't for yu
You better pray
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