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Hillsong Kids - Follow You chords

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Verse 1:

A	E	         F#		     D
Hello hello its me again, its me again
A	       E	               F#	           D
I know I know when I call You hear me, You hear me


A	       E	               F#	           D		(x2)

Verse 2:

F#	D	     F#		           E		
I love I love to pray, so hear what Ive got to say


     A		            E
I never wanna be someone that just talks and, 
F#		D
never listens to You
     A		                 E
I wanna be the one that says that Ill follow

F#          D
    Wohohoo Im gonna follow You


A          E              F#
Everyday God nothing, no nothing 
will ever separate me from Your 
A            E              F#
Love today God nothing, no nothing 
will ever stop me from living for You


C#	D	A	F#  E


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