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Hillsong United - God Is Moving tab

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Verse !:		Holy Spirit touch your people
		Teach them the ways of God
		And as we live as Jesus did
		Just be honored and lifted up
		Am	      D
Pre-Chorus:	There's a stirring in the spirit
		F	   G
		There's an urgency in this hour
		Am	       G
		We your children must obey
		F		F
		Can you hear the footsteps of God?
		C          Dm      C/E     F
Chorus:		God is moving, God is moving
		         Am	            G     F
		Can you hear the sound of revival
Verse 2:	As we praise you, as we sing
		Draw near to us oh God
		As we cry out for the nations
		Pour out revival in our land
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