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Hillsong United - Take All Of Me chords

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Capo 1

(Verse 1)
G                         C
Broke the night like the sun
               G          C            Em   C
And healed my heart with Your great  love
G                         C
Any trouble I couldn't  bear
G                  C         D
You lifted me upon Your shoulders

(Pre Chorus)
Love that's stronger
            G      D
Love that covers  sin
     C                       Am7
And takes the weight of the world
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I love You
All of my hope is in You
         Am7           Em
Jesus Christ  take my life
Take all of me

(2 Verse)
G                           C
Stand on mountain tops with me
     G            C             Em  C
With You I walk through the valleys
G                           C
You gave your only son for me
G              C            D
Your grace is all I rely on 

G          D          Em         C
I love You so, and I give up my life to say
   G      Bsus        Em,D, G
I need You so, my everything

Blake Austin
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