Hillsong United - Oceans Where Feet May Fail Acoustic chords

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Verse 1:

 Bm                      A/C#     D
     You call me out u - pon the waters
            A                 G 
The Great Unknown where feet may fail
 Bm                       A/C#      D
      And there I find You in the mystery
         A                 G
In o - ceans deep my faith will stand

   G              D         A
      And I will call upon Your name
   G               D          A
      And keep my eyes above the waves
             G                 D             A
When oceans rise my soul will rest in your embrace
          G        A   Bm
For I am Yours and You are mine


Verse 2:

 Bm                           A/C#    D
      Your grace abounds in deepest wa-ters
             A                G
Your sov -'reign hand will be my guide
 Bm                           A/C#          D      
      Where feet may fail and fear sur - rounds me
             A                        G
You've nev - er failed and You won't start now

Interlude 1:
 Bm   A/C#   D   D/F#  A    G6

   G6/A  Bm       A/C#   D   D/F#  A    G6
And You are mine  oh
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