Hillsong - Father Of Creation chords

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capo 2
We come into Your presence   
 Em7                A     Em7                A
To  sing a song to You, a song of praise and honor   
              G          D     Em7    D
For all the  things You helped us through;   
    D                           Em7               A
You gave a life worth living, a life in love with You,   
     Em7             A             G       D    Em7   D
And  now I just love giving all my praises back to You.   

            Bm                     A
You’re the Father of creation, the risen Lamb of God,   
            G                           D
You’re the one who walked away from the empty tomb that day;   
       Bm                          A
And You set Your people free with love and liberty,   
          G2            Asus                   A
And I can walk with You every night and every day
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