Hillsong - Through It All chords

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intro: Gsus G Em G/c G2/C Dsus D(2x)

G          D/F#      Em
You are forever in my life
      C                    Dsus-D
You see me through the season
G       D/F#      Em
cover me with your hand
      C              Dsus-D            
and lead me in your righteousness
     Bm       C
and i look to you
     Bm       C-D
and i wait on you

i'll sing to you, Lord
a hymn of love
             D     Em    C-D
for your faithfulness to me
    G              C
im carried in everlasting arms
       D/F#     Em    C
You'll never let  me go
   D        G
through it all..

G       Em  C       Dsus-D
Halleluiah, halleluiah..(2x)
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