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Hillsongs - One Way tab

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Key - A

Verse 1

I lay my life down at your feet,
You're the only one I need
E                                  D
I turn to you and you are always there,
In troubled times it's you I seek
I put you first, that's all i need,
E                              D
I humble all i am, all to you
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A       E
One way Jesus,
F#m7                      D
You're the only one that i could live for
A       E
One way Jesus
F#m7                      G               G
You're the only one that i could live for

Verse 2
You are always, always there,
Every how and everywhere,
E                                       D
You're grace abounds so deeply within me
You will never ever change
Yesterday today the same
E                                D
Forever till forever meets no end

A                         E
You are the way the truth and the life
        F#m7             D
We live by faith and not by sight for you
F#m7    E               D
We're living all for you (x3)

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