Honig - In My Drunken Head chords

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Intro: Am    Em    F    G (x4)

             Am           Em    F    G
imagine this bubble burst
          Am           Em         F     G
sitting inside as the walls collapse
             Am               Em    F    G
imagine the look on your face
               Am            Em                     F        F    G    G   G
the moment you realize that it’s not death it’s the opposite

                 Am          Em
you’re leaving a paper trail
             F               G
wherever you go it’s in some file
                 Am            Em
you sleep in the waiting room
             F                G
but they got surveillance too
                   Am             Em
you kneel on these hard wood pews
           F             G
somebody’s watching over you
                 Am                Em
you’re life is a neat little pile
                 F               (G)
remember there’s someone at your side

       F       G           F    G            
so try hard to see all the benefits
        F      G                F           G
and try not to leave while your heart still beats

Am    Em    F    G  (2x)

             Am          Em
and isn’t it comforting
                  F             G
to know what your pilot thinks
                  Am                  Em
to know that your house still stands
             F               G
to open your mouth and sing
                 Am            Em
to hear you pick up the phone
                     F                   G
to know you’re still there when i put it down
                 Am           Em                  F  
to know that the world outside    is cruel and is beautiful at the same time

      F            G
and a dozen voices sing
      F            G  
in my drunken head again
            F              G
and they’re drowned out by noise
                        F            G
they’re making building skyscrapers
                        F            G
they’re making building skyscrapers
                        F            G
they’re making building skyscrapers
                          Am    Em    F    G (till end)
they're making building...

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