Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry chords

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This is the latest version being sung live by Darius Rucker.
He changed the lyrics a little bit. 

G                   D     Cadd9
She sits alone by a lamp post,
trying to find a thought that’s escaped her mind
                          D           Cadd9
She says Dad’s the one I love the most 
Michael Stipe’s not far behind
She never lets me in only tell me where’s she’s been 
Cadd9                        G
when she’s had too much to drink
I say that I don’t care I just run my hands through her dark hair 
    Cadd9                               G
And I pray to God you gotta help me fly away, And just…


C           G
Let her cry…if the tears fall down like rain
C                  Em    G       D
Let her sing…if it eases all her pain
        C      G
Let her go…    let her walk right out on me
And if the sun comes up tomorrow
Cadd9         G
Let her be…   let her be.

Interlude: G D Cadd9 G

G                             D
This morning I woke up alone, found a note standin' by the phone
       Cadd9              G
saying maybe I’ll be back someday, I wanted to look for you
You walked in I didn’t know just what to do
so I sat back down had a beer and a bottle of Jim Beam and
felt sorry for myself and just...


Interlude: G D Cadd9 G D Cadd9


G                               D
Last night I tried to leave She cried so much I just could not believe
        Cadd9                                   G
she was the same girl I fell in love with long ago
She went in the back to get high I sat down on my couch and I cried
for my mamma I said mamma please, 
please won’t you take me outta here now, she said...


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