Huey Lewis And The News - Do You Believe In Love chords

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Notes: When played "Live at 25" it's performed 4 half-steps down 
(So all B's become G's)  The Verses are comprised of 5 parts, 
with just 4 chords (B starts and ends each verse). 
 The Chorus is an 12 chord progression; where I,II, III are the same
 and IV alternates between F# B and back to F#.  
Also, there's two different passing chord forms that are played 
depending on the transition.  

::Intro: B

::Verse 1 Progression:    B - Ebm - E - F# - B

::Verse 1 with Lyrics:

       B                                     Ebm 
I was walking down a one way street Just a looking for someone to meet One 
 E             F#            B              B    
woman who was looking for a man.  Now I'm hoping that the feeling is right 
         Ebm                                          E  
And I'm wondering if you'll stay for the night So I'm coming (I don't wanna 
     F#      B                           [E  F#]
be lonely) I wanna love you all over    (passing I)

::Chorus Progression:    B - Ebm7 - E - (F# or B)  Alternating
::Chorus with Lyrics:

B   Ebm7   E       F#    B  Ebm7   E           B
  Do you believe in love  Do you believe it's true 
B   Ebm7   E       F#               C#m              F#    [C#m     F#]
  Do you believe in love Oh you can bet I believe it too  (Passing II)

::Verse 2::


::Sax Solo:  play 1 verse progression

::Bridge Progression:  E - B - E - F#

::Bridge with Lyrics: 

E                        B
I used to have you in a photograph  (I'm so glad it's changed)
E                         F#
But now I've got you and it's gonna last  (Do you believe in love)

::Chorus x2 and fade::
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