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Human Television - Im Moving On tab

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This is the intro, but it stays pretty constant throughout and you can figure out the 
parts and background stuff by messing around in the key. Here it goes, an absolutely 
song. Just set your amp to echo with a little tremolo and you're ready to play. Enjoy.

Starts with a little Asus2 and Dsus2 (the positions also for the following notes)

Then it does this:

G|-----2-------2-2----|  x4

|---2----------------|  x 4 Then add this to the end: B|--7-7--5-5s-3----|

|-----2-------2-2----|  x4

Then the drums and bass come in, followed by the second guitar, but this part stays 
the same the whole song. Hope this gets you started and I hope someone takes this and makes 
to make it even better.
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