Hymns From Nineveh - Christmas Is Here chords

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Capo 2

Intro: G C G C

Verse 1:
G                       C               G
Christmas is here but what do you care anyway
                            C                       G
War isn't over at all, you say, and walk away
     Dsus       D
and blind as a bat
     C        C9     G
you fire your echo at
        C   C9      G
the holy, bloody Mary

Am           D    D7             G              
and all you sing to salute your king
     G            C        G
is bye bye lullabye-byes
G                 C      G
bye bye lullabyebye
Dsus       D     C    Cadd9        G
no blackbirds sing in the dead of night

Verse 2:
Christmas is here but what do you care anyway
you say your heart was taken and given away
blind as a bat
you fire your echo at
the holy, bloody Mary

Chorus 2:
Am         D               C                   G
open your eyes! watch the sky turn white!
Am        D                  C     G
oh, dear friend, come to my house again..

Bridge/Outro(repeat chord pattern)
Cmaj7                      Cadd9
because you are still here
and I'm still there for you

and christmas is here
and swans appear

like snow in the air

and suddenly we hear:

//:the kingdom is near
and christmas is here:// x4
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