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Imbue No Kudos - To Hold Everything Abovethea tab

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hi..ako po pla c razel cate lebanan..male ako...17 years old..1sts tab ko po 2..d ako 
kung tma ito..pero parang mgka2nog eh...

nka drop d po 2 na tune..

intro D B-G

D      B
Walking alone
Alone I am cold
Hopeless and dry
Tears in my eyes
Perfect night
I shelter to my own eternally
Of my lonely soul
Of my lonely soul

balik s intro po..
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verse 2 same chords
And then she came
And grace by its voice
An echo whisper for a lovely cause
Dressed with a smile
A never ending sign
This is my chance
To feel an empty life

refrain F#m G F#m G F#m G-A-B

Forever hold your pain
For I will give you same
For I will give you same

Hold my hand
Don't let go
For all I know
I'll be seeing you from above
If you fall
I will carry your show
For this I thank
To hold everything above

verse 3 same pattern pa rn po
Burn this life
Of fame and fantasy
An ending hymn
To those who lead their need

Same pattern

tnx po...sna po nagus2hn nyo...