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Ismael Lo - Tajabone tab

Isma?l Lo "Tajabone"

: = Repeat between the two : signs.

Riff A		     Riff B
  Dmadd9/E		Fmaj13/E
|--------------0----|-----------'0----|        |
|------6---6-----6--|----6---6-----6--| Repeat |
|:---7---7---7-----:|:-7---7---7-----:|  two   |
|-------------------|-----------------|        |

Riff A once
Riff B once

Then at the ' on the repeat of Riff B:

Then the next part (w/ harmonica) + the Verse goes similar fingerstyle playing 
over the following chords (with small variations):

Dmadd9/E    G    C   Am
Between the C and Am chords include the small lick by the *.
That's pretty much it!

Tabbed by Board (Anders Pedersen):
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