J Brian Craig - Anchor For The Soul chords

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                G                      Am
Anchor for the soul, shelter for the storm
                    C                  Dsus                       G
Thunder and the lightning can be very fright'ning but God is in control.
                G                      Am
Anchor for the soul, shelter from the storm
               C                  Dsus                    G
Manna in the morning, blessing overflowing, leading us to home

                     G                     Am
This world's not my home just a passing through
                      C                        Dsus                        G
Through this life I wander, treasure stored up yonder somewhere beyond the blue
              G                        Am
On my way I learn through each path I take
                 C                    Dsus                       G
Ev'ry day I'm growing, on my way I'm knowing heaven's worth the wait

                  G                   Am
When the day is gone when my journey ends
                   C                Dsus                           G
Won't be nothing better than to be together with all my faithful friends
                   G                          Am
We'll all join in song, gathered 'round the throne
                      C                   Dsus                 G
There'll be no more sorrow someday when tomorrow heaven is our home

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