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Jackie Deshannon - Crystal Clear tab

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Crystal Clear

Bb                                           D#
Crystal clear is my love, when heís near Iím high above
C#             G#            D#               Bb
Everything and everyone that used to bring me down
C#           G#          D#              Bb             
Everything I ever need I have when heís around
         F    F7            Gm           Bb
And if I harmonise with the song that he sings
           F  F7            Gm           
Then I can realise with the love that he brings 
Bb                                D#      F
All the beautiful things just for me, ohohoho

Bb                                           D#
Crystal pure is his heart and Iím sure weíll never part
C#               G#              D#                 Bb
Knowing that his love is so much more that it would seem
C#               G#             D#       Bb
I canít help and wonder heís he just for me
            F        F7               Gm           Bb
And I donít know his name and I donít know if heís real
         F     F7              Gm           
And so I canít explain all the things that I feel 
Bb                                D#      F
That someone might steal him from me, ohohoho
Bb7            G#      D#    D#m  Bb   F
Crystal clear, crystal cle-e-ear, Aaaaaah

Crystal clear is my love, on his wings I fly above
Looking in his eyes Iím never sure just what I see
I canít find reflections there of what I thought was me
And in the darkest nights Iíve no need for the moon
His eyes are twice as bright and his songs are in tune
Heíll come to me soon, wait and see

by: Josť Duarte
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