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Jackson Browne - Something Fine chords

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Something Fine
by Jackson Browne

[Thanks to Ejn521, from which I based this effort.  What 
follows is heavily plagiarized from his/her previous work
posted here.  While my result may not be a note-for-note 
transcription, it's very playable in this format.  Hope
you enjoy playing it as much as I do.  Thanks again Ejn521.]

++ view this with monospaced font for everything to line up ++

drop fifth string from A to G, and
drop first string from E to D (EGDGBD)

Finger pick throughout.  

Chords Used:  
     G     G7add9  C/G    Go    G6    Gmaj7  Em     
D ---5-----3-------2------0-----2-----4------2-----|
B ---0-----0-------1------0-----2-----3------0-----|
G ---4-----2-------0------0-----0-----0------0-----|
D ---5-----3-------2------0-----2-----4------2-----|
G ---0-----0-------0------0-----0-----0------0-----|
E -------------------------------------------0-----|


D ---------------------------------4----------------|
B --------------0--------------------3--------------|
G ---2s4----------2--0------0------------2s4--------|
D ---------0-------------2--------------------------|
G ---0-----------------------------0------0---------|
E --------------------------------------------------|

D  --------------------------------5-----|
B  -3--0----0----------------------0-----|
G  --------------2---0------0------4-----|
D  ----------------------2---------5-----|
G  --------------------------------0-----|
E  --------------------------------------|
    G                                G7add9
The papers lie there helplessly in a pile outside my door,
  C/G                                 Go
I tried and tried, but I just can't remember what they're for.
    C/G                             G6
The world outside is tugging like a beggar at my sleeve,
          G              C/G               Go
Oh that's much too old a story to believe.
        Gmaj7                     C/G
And you know that it's taken it's share of me,
     Em                        C/G     Go
Even though you take such good care of me .
Gmaj7                    C/G
Now you say Morocco, and that makes me smile,
I haven't seen  Morocco in a long, long while.
    Gmaj7                              C/G
The dreams are rolling down across the places in my mind,
                                       Go   C/G  Go
And I've just had a taste of something fine.

The future hides and the past just slides, England lies between,
Floating in a silver mist so cold and so clean.
California's shaking like an angry child will,
Who has asked for love and is unanswered still.

And you know that I'm looking back carefully,
Cause I know that there's still something there for me.
But you said Morocco, and that made me smile,
It hasn't been that easy for a long, long while,

And looking back into your eyes I saw them really shine,
Giving me a taste of something fine,
          Gmaj7  C/G   Gmaj7   Em   C/G   Go
Something fine~~~~~~

Gmaj7                     C/G
Now if you see Morocco, I know you'll go in style
I may not see Morocco, for a little while.
    Gmaj7                                     C/G
And while you're there I was hoping you might keep it in your mind,
                                     Go   C/G   Go
to save me just a taste of something fine.
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