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Jackson Waters - Come Undone Acoustic tab

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Jackson Waters – Come Undone

This is my first time posting chords online, so I hope no harm done if it's wrong. The 
time i heard this song on OTH's season premiere, i instantly fell in love with it. But i 
find any chords for it, so I decided to make my own. Feel free to give any comments...

Intro: Am  C  G  F

Am			C
There are ways that I’ve been falling
	G			F
There are times that I’ve been so weak
Am			C
There are moments I hear redemption calling
	G		F
But I’m too far down to speak

So come sweet fire of mercy
Cover up my skin
Warm me like the sun
Won’t you let me in
To come, come undone
To come, come undone

There are scars that I‘ve been hiding
There are ghosts that I do not claim
There are closets I do not care to open
They open all the same

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