Jackson Waters - Center Of Attention chords

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Center of Attention
Jackson Waters

Capo 1st Fret
May use power, bar, or open chords as pleases you.
Also may substitute Ddim for D to add flavor and A or Adim for E during the chorus.

F#m      E   D (twice)

F#m              E   Ddim
  You want your independence
F#m              E   Ddim
  But you won't let me let you go
F#m              E   Ddim
  You want to test the waters
F#m              E
  And leave it on the empty shore

D                F#m   E
But I'll take me time if you want to
D                F#m   E
I'll give you whatever you need
D                F#m   E   D                B6
I'll wait a lifetime to give into you, give into you


You think that you're the sun
The whole world revolves around you
The center of attention
And everything is drawn to you


Instrumental (D, D, F#m A)

I would wait a lifetime
F#m              A
I would wait for you
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