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Jamaram - Hey Now Girl tab

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Hey all, this great song is written in Key of D,

Chords used:

F#m (991111109/244222) (if itīs 244222 itīs in parenthesis behind)
E   (779997)
D   (557775)
Bm  (799877)
A   (577655)

Picking and strumming is easy, i donīt need to explain. (in the verse the A-string is 
first and then D and G together)

F#m  E  D

It feels like

D    E   F#m

Nothingís going wrong Nothingís going right

F#m  E   D

It feels like

D    E   F#m

Itís alright

(just follow the chord progression)

Youíre here right now
But I know that you
Will be gone tomorrow
Itís fine with me
Itís alright

Is there nothing I can do
To make you change your mind, girl
Is there nothing I can say
To make you stay
(I got no place to run
Nowhere to hide
Baby itís you and then Iím alright) x 2
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So let me lay you
Let me lay you


Let me lay you down

   C#m  Bm  A     Bm  F#m (244222)

As long as youíre around


F#m (244222)    Bm

Hey     now     girl


All this time

       Bm          (C#m)

I have been


Searchiní for your love


F#m   -   Bm

Searchin for your loveÖ

(the rest is just repeating!!!)

F#m  E  D   -    D    E   F#m

I want you to know
You are free to do whatever
You want to
If you wanna go
You got to

Iíll do anything
Anything I can do
To make you happy
If you need to leave
Feel free, please


So let me lay you,
Let me lay you,
Let me lay you down
As long as youíre in town

Chorus 2x

Searchin for your loveÖ

Have fun, Niko
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