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Janis Joplin - Somebody To Love tab

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Janis Joplin with Jefferson Airplane

Somebody To Love

Standard Tuning, (EADGBe)

           F#m          B   F#m
When the truth is found   to be lies
     F#m        B    F#m
And all the joy   within you dies

           A       E       F#m  
Don't you want somebody to love
B          A       E       F#m
Don't you need somebody to love
B            A        E       F#m
Wouldn't you love somebody to love
F#m        E        B       F#m
You better find somebody to love

Guitar Solo:

 Note:(This is my own interpretation of the solo, but it works)
         F#m              B           
When the garden's flowers,  baby, are dead
              F#m        B              F#m
Yes, and your mind, your mind is so full of red


Your eyes, I say your eyes may look like his
Yeah but in your head, baby
I'm afraid you don't know where it is


Tears are running, they're all running down your breast
And your friends, baby, they treat you like a guest

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