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Jason Gray - More Like Falling In Love chords

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More Like Falling in Love
Capo II ~Standard
Intro: C G Em D 2

Em      C
Give me rules
G      D
I will break them
Em      C
Give me lines
G      D
I will cross them
Em     C           G        D
I need more than a truth to believe
Em        C           G               D
I need a truth that lives, moves, and breathes
To sweep me off my feet
It ought to be

C         G
More like falling in love
     Em           D
Than something to believe in
C         G          
More like losing my heart
     Em        D
Than giving my allegiance
C          G
Caught up, called out
     Em     D
Come take a look at me now
     C        G
It's like I'm falling, oh
It's like I'm falling in love

Give me words
I'll misuse them
I'll misplace them
'Cause all religion ever made of me
Was just a sinner with a stone tied to my feet
It never set me free
It's gotta be


C  G Em D
...It's like I'm falling in love, love, love

Deeper and deeper
It was love that made
Me a believer
In more than a name, a faith, a creed
Falling in love with Jesus brought the change in me 
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