Jason Upton - Father Of The Fatherless chords

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C   		         Em7   F               G
I don't know how, to say what i'm feeling.
C   		         Em7   F               G
I don't have words, to write you a song.
Am7        	    F		       	            C   
But i have this hope and i have this prayer,
and i am believing. 
Am7 		           F
Your words are true,
C/E 			              G
you never leave us alone.

C			                         G/B
father of the fatherless, come down and rescue us
Am7  G   F        	         C    Gsus  G
we need you, we need you again
C			                          G/B
friend of the friendless, come down and visit us,
Am   G   F        	         C    G
we need you, we need you again

how many sons, have cried for their fathers.
and how many fathers, have cried like a son
now every tear saved through the years in memory's bottle
becomes the fine wine, You serve to the children of god
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