Jason Upton - Psalm 23 chords

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      Cm  Bb/D
Your hands 
Fm       Gm        Ab        Bb
Reached into the depths of darkness 
      Cm  Bb/D
Your arms 
Fm      Gm        Ab     Bb
Pulled me to the light above 
       Cm   Bb/D
Your voice 
Fm      Gm           Ab       Bb
Spoke the word that broke my heart 
      Cm  Bb/D    
Your eyes
Fm      Gm       Ab      Bb        Cm  
Burn with holy passion, fire, and love 
     Cm  Bb/D
You lead
Fm     Gm       Ab    Bb
Me beside the quiet waters 
     Cm   Bb/D
You walk 
Fm      Gm         Ab       Bb
In the shadows of deaths darkened door 
     Cm   Bb/D
You make
Fm      Gm      Ab        Bb
Tables right before my enemies 
     Cm   Bb/D
You take
Fm       Gm      Ab        Bb
oil and then you pour it over me 

     D           Em7     D/F#  G
The Lord is my Shepherd, 
        D       Em7   D/F#   G
I will fear no evil 
  D           Em7    
You are my Shepherd, God,
        D       Em7   D/F#   G
I will fear no evil 
Em7      D          A/C#   D/F#  G
Surely goodness and mercy cover me 
Em7      D           A/C#    D/F#  G
All the days of my life they cover me 
Em     D            A/C#         D/F#         G
Surely Im going to dwell in the house of the Lord 
Em           D        C        G/B  Asus
Forever and ever and ever and ever more
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