Jasper Sloan Yip - Slowly chords

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          Slowly - Jasper Sloan Yip

Great song by a great band with a strange name.  They deserve to get more recognition.
The chords are easy, but you can add a few notes to the transitions to spice it up a little.

Intro:  G D Em Am C x2

  G         D          Em 
I know that it's been said before,
    Am                C
but not like this, or with these chords:
  G         D     Em   
I wish that I was someone else
   Am               C
so I could sit down with myself,
     G    D       Em
and maybe I could help explain
      Am             C
these crazy thoughts I entertain
 G       D          Em
about my life, and everything,
     Am              C         
like how it's really happening right now.

G D Em Am C x2

    G          D         Em                           
I'm bored, I'm restless, disconnected,
Am              C
aimlessness has left me breathless.
    G       D        Em
But my life has been redirected
Am               C
and I'm starting to accept this.
   G       D        Em
So efforts now must be relentless
  Am                         C
because failure's leaving me so upset with
  G           D             Em
myself, but I swear this is all that I love;
Am                      C
you're going to see exactly what I'm made of tonight.

G D Em Am C C

As for the rest of my life,
           G                      G7
well, I'll just wait and see what happens to me 
     Am      C   C7 
from here.

      Em                    G
So it seems, like all of the time
    Am                 C
I'm about to change my mind.
       Em             G
I'm so naive, yet resolute
            Am             C
after I've decided what to do.
               Em                 G
I can't wear a tie on my collared shirt,
              Am                 C
I can't get a job and just go to work.
            Em                       G
I'm worried sick like you wouldn't believe
              Am                     C     C7
have you any idea what this means to me?

G Em Am C x2

G       D        Em
Looking back now makes me laugh,
    Am                        C
I'm grateful I don't want the things that I lack.
  G        D        Em
Except for time, oh goddam me,
         Am                      C
when did free time become such a luxury?
        G       D       Em
See, if I don't do this while I'm young
    Am              C
I'm certain that it wont get done.
        G       D          Em 
So I've made my choice and it's all right,
    Am                    C
I'm ready to really start living my life.
     G        D               Em
So I swear to god that I will quit my job
    Am             C
and drive until my car just stops.

     G      D     Em
I'll walk until I reach the ocean,
Am                C       D     G
maybe I will know what to do by then. 
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