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Jaymes Reunion - My Song chords

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Hey, this is a pretty simple song to learn. Pretty sure it's right.

Capo 5th Fret

    C   G   Am  F

Intro - C G Am C G

Verse 1

C		        G
Hey Kate, Are you all alone tonight?
Do you think of me?
       C		     G
Am I the one you wait for?
C		    G
Hey Kate, in my mind I see your face
Your little lips, your perfect eyes
	  C	       G
Is there still a light within them?


         C    F                    C
I say Oooo you are my song
That plays within my heart
         C    F                    C  G
I say Oooo you are my song
 	        C F G
You are my song

Verse 2

Hey Kate, Got your picture by my bed
Every night I kiss the frame
Iím another second closer
Late nights on the phone will be alright
Iíll take whatever you got
With the hope youíre always waiting

Ending is just F C G in powerchords
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