Jd Crowe And The New South - Rock Salt And Nails chords

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Rock Salt And Nails
Recorded by J.D. Crowe
Written by Bruce Phillips

G                          C                      G
On the banks of the river  where the willows hang down
                       Em     C                   G
And the wild birds all warble with a low mourning sound
            Em      C                    G
Down in the hollow  where the water runs cold
                     C                              G
It was there I first listened  to the lies that you told

                     C                    G
Now I lie on my bed  and I see your sweet face
           Em       C           G
The past I remember time cannot erase
             Em        C                 G
A letter you wrote me  it was written in shame
                     C                          G
And I know that your conscience still echoes my name

                            C                G
Now the nights are so long  Lord sorrow runs deep
               Em           C             G
And nothing is worse than a night without sleep
           Em     C               G
I walk out alone  and look at the sky 
             C                    G
Too empty to say  too lonesome to cry

                               C                   G
If the ladies were blackbirds  and the ladies were fishes
                  Em     C                  G
I'd lie there for hours  in the chilly cold marshes
                   Em         C                 G
If the ladies were squirrels  with a high bushy tail
               C                             G
I'd fill up my shotgun  with a rock salt and nails
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