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Jed Madela - To Love Again chords

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Title:          To Love Again
Artist:         Jed Madela
Album:          Songs Rediscovered 2

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 F               Bb                     Am-Dm-Gm-C
Radio's gine, It helps me forget for awhile

 F                        Bb               Am    
I look back and recall, Those days I had wth you

 D7                 Gm       C                Am    
Sometimes I need a friend, Just to make it through

 D7            Bb    F-Bb
Another day without you

 F     Bb                     Am-Dm-Gm-C
You gave me all the reasons to live

 F                      Bb                    Am
Then you had to go, And I just got to let you know

    D7            Gm       C             Am   
Its hard to love again, Just to make it through

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     D7      Gm      Bb  C  D  
Another day spent without you


 G            A            F#m
And I don't want to go on pretending

         Em         A7        B
That is going to be a happy ending

              Em                  A7            D-C
If I should love again, Once I've learned to love again

 G           A                                F#m
And no, it will never be the same, Without you baby

This pain inside me is driving me crazy

             A7             D-G-C                  
Cause its hard to love again...

 F                     Bb                  Am-Dm-Gm-C
Friends are great, they cheer me up for sometime

  F                      Bb
When the day is done,, My mind is back again with you

      D7            Gm
Oh God, I need a friend

         C         Am
Just to make it through

  D7        Gm      Bb  C D
Another day spent without you

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